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Customer Testimonial: Eliminating Severe Cat Urine Odor with Odor Medicine O.F.

Below is a letter from a customer with which we developed a custom plan to fix a severe cat urine odor problem. The situation combined two of the most difficult obstacles to overcome:

  • Severe cat urine odor from multiple cats in several different surfaces
  • An extreme sensitivity to odors

This use-case testimonial does an excellent job of outlining the importance of "process" when eliminating cat urine odor, as well as reinforcing why simply "pouring some product on" doesn't work for permanent odor elimination. 

Following the testimonial, our response includes tips on how to address any residual scent and improve the quality of the air inside your home.

"Hi David,

We have finally been able to use your product and are very happy with the results. This was no small project that my husband started therefore it was a bit longer than anticipated to get rid of all the contents etc... I was not able to go help him as I just couldn't tolerate the cat urine smell, a good thing that the house is vacant. 

We started with the big problem which I had mentioned before, an area in the basement, on concrete. My husband soaked the area twice and there is absolutely no odor left. For the rest of the house he used a garden sprayer. People that had been in the house before it was sprayed and we can't believe the difference. 

I was able to get a black light through ebay and my husband has been doing one room at a time, all floor coverings througout the house have been disposed of and in the worst rooms he replaced the subfloor 2 feet around the perimeter, we just didn't want to take a chance. The bedrooms have been done in September and is now odorless. 

He has sprayed the living/dining/kitchen areas but I find that there is still a bit of an odor left. It could be that it is coming from a few pieces of furniture that were left in the room and it took on the odor of the house. The pieces of furniture are antiques and we will be moved to the garage until we can get rid of them. Walls have been taken down or opened for the new floor plan and we have the drywall people coming in next week. 

All the new kitchen cabinets have been ordered and will be installed before xmas. My husband keeps telling me that once the drywall and paint are done that we won't be smelling anything. I just don't want to take any chances so what do you think we should be looking for to make sure that it is not urine that we are missing.

Because I wasn't in the house during the most part of the spraying it could be that I am relating the smell of your product to the urine odor. How long does it normally take for the smell of the product to be completely gone? This is my only concern now as I just do not want to have all the hardwood floor installed and to still have this odor. 

Hope you can get back to me with your comments.


"Hi Louise,

Thank you very much for the feedback! We really appreciate it. The scent left by the natural ingredients in Odor Medicine O.F. concentrate usually dissipates within 3-7 days. However, some people have incredible sensitivity to specific scents and may notice it for a longer period of time. 

Your husband is correct when he says the painting any surface such as a concrete floor that has been treated will eliminate any remaining scent, but some paints have a strong odor, especially the oil based sealers that are most effective at sealing in any vestiges of odor that might remain. (You might want to consider using latex paint which is water-based to minimize paint odor.) 

I can also recommend another means of minimizing odors and particulates that you may be sensitive to. Honeywell makes a great air purifier that has a charcoal pre-filter that eliminates odors. The Hepa filter eliminates dust, viruses, bacteria, etc. that makes our indoor air so polluted. We find them especially helpful in the winter when the house is closed. 
Thanks for the business and testimonial. It is very rewarding for us to receive this kind of feedback from our customers." 


Odor Medic's new-generation Odor Medicine products contain essential oils derived from exotic plants and work on entirely different scientific principles than the enzyme products. The natural ingredients bond with odor molecules and break them down at the molecular level, permanently destroying the ability to generate odor in as little as 24 hours. Not only are these new-generation compounds more effective, but they’re also more reliable due to their tolerance to temperatures and ability to work where other chemicals, soaps AND enzyme products had already been applied. 

Another benefit, our Odor Medicine products are absolutely safe to use around humans, pets and plants. They are non-toxic, non-staining, biodegradable and have a neutral pH. For added value, they’re highly concentrated and very economical to use when mixed with water, just one quart of concentrate turns into multiple gallons. 

In 16 years of fixing odor problems as a commercial services company, we have not found anything better. We’ve done the research for you and only offer proven products along with our proprietary processes and personalized service.

We guarantee permanent odor elimination or your money back!

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