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The Truth About Eliminating Cigarette Smoke Odor

Trying to sell a home that’s been smoked in is no trivial task—especially in a market where it can take a year or more to sell a perfect house. Here’s the truth about permanently eliminating this highly offensive odor that can significantly reduce your home’s value.

Cigarette smoke odor is insidious and contaminates every surface in the home including the walls, windows, floors, ceiling, cabinets, furniture and even the heating/cooling ducts (HVAC). What’s worse, if the surface is porous, the nicotine can build up in layers making odor removal even more difficult.

The key to permanently eliminating cigarette odor is to thoroughly clean all affected surfaces prior to treating with a proven odor eliminator such as Odor Medicine S.F.F. Odor Medicine SFF is a safe, non-toxic solution that changes the molecular structure of the odor molecule—rendering it odorless. It’s highly versatile and effective in both liquid and vapor forms, as well as when mixed with other cleaners.

Different surfaces require different treatments. For instance, conventional carpet cleaning does not get rid of tobacco odor. It’s okay to clean the carpet before treating it, but without a proven odor eliminator, the smell will remain. To permanently remove cigarette smoke odor from carpets, Odor Medicine SFF can be applied directly, or mixed in with a carpet-cleaning solution.

When treating surfaces such as the walls, floors, windows, etc., you’ll want to be sure to wash them until all nicotine residue is gone. (This is easy to tell because nicotine residue is yellow.) You’ll actually have to “bleed” the walls/ceilings because nicotine builds up in layers requiring multiple washes in most cases.) You should test clean every surface in every room looking for the offending “yellow” of the nicotine. (Note: Ceilings are a particularly tough surface to fix and the process depends on the type of finish.

A word of caution: The absolute worst thing to do is paint over the walls or ceiling hoping to cover up the odor. Latex paint has minimal ability to seal in nicotine and, while a bit better, oil-based paint will not seal in all of the odor either—especially in heavily contaminated areas. What’s worse, the new paint acts as a barrier and effectively seals out any method of fixing the problem. If you have painted without first cleaning and treating the surface, the only remaining option is to apply numerous coats in an effort to reduce the severity of the odor.

Treating the HVAC system is the one of the most critical components of permanently ridding the home of tobacco smoke odor. In order to succeed, you will need to run Odor Medicine SFF through the system in vapor form. Contact us for more information and to create a free custom treatment plan.

Try our do-it-yourself approach first! The cost to treat a heavily contaminated home with Odor Medicine SFF is a fraction of that to repaint and replace carpets, etc. Our proven process is the result of more than 16 years experience working with realtors, apartment management companies and car dealerships—successfully fixing hundreds of homes, businesses and vehicles. 

We guarantee permanent odor elimination or your money back!

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