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Treating Cat and Dog Urine Contamination In Carpet: What are the Differences?


Over the past 16+ years we have treated many carpets contaminated with cat urine and/or dog urine. Even though cat urine and dog urine have similar chemical characteristics such as a very low surface tension, they generate completely different odors, are located in different areas of the carpet, and each can cause an odor problem that is often very difficult to eliminate. Because both cat urine and dog urine have low surface tension they both penetrate through the carpet into the pad. However, IF the dog weighs less than about 5 pounds or the cat is a small kitten they may put out such a small amount of urine that it may not penetrate all the way through the carpet and into the pad. This is the ONLY circumstance where it is NOT necessary to pull back the carpet to treat the problem. We have had success using Odor Medicine O.F. Concentrate to treat the small silver dollar size spots from these small pets without pulling back the carpet by using a shop-vac according to the instructions for O.F.

99.999% of the time contamination from cat urine will be within 3 feet of the walls, and can be easily spotted using the correct black light as described in our instruction booklet. However, the best way to find the cat urine is by simply pulling back the carpet a few feet from the wall. You will clearly see brown spots on the carpet backing and the darker the spot, the more urine has been deposited. Cat urine odor is very pungent and might be described as a “sharp” odor while dog urine odor is more like a combination of sulfer/sewer odor. So the only good thing about cat urine is that you don’t have to move as much carpet as you might with dog urine problems. Dogs go at random everywhere, but from time to time will have a “favorite”area that they use over and over, just as cats are prone to urinate in the same spot repeatedly. Because cats generally pee by the wall the urine will get behind the baseboard and run under the wall, and it ALWAYS wicks at least into the backing of the carpet and any adult cat’s urine will penetrate through the carpet backing into the pad. If they hit the same spot more than once, as they usually do, the urine will penetrate into the subfloor and run behind the wall….and sometimes…..if they go many times in the same spot, the urine will wick up into the wallboard.

Dog urine odor is usually more labor intensive to eliminate because there will be spots in the middle of the room that entails pulling back a lot of carpet which is absolutely necessary to permanently eliminate the odor. That is the bad news, the GOOD news is that you CAN save your carpet, which generally saves a boatload of money.

Don’t let anyone tell you that odor from cat urine or dog urine in carpet cannot be eliminated. We have been doing it for 16 years and helping people all over the world, via this website, do it themselves for 8+ years.  The best product on the planet, proven processes, and personalized, free consulting always results in a fixed problem and a happy customer.

We guarantee permanent odor elimination or your money back!

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