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How to Keep Your Washing Machine Odor Free

No matter if you have a brand new front-load washing machine, or a 10 year old top loader, a musty, mildew-type odor can develop over time as a result of using too much detergent and/or fabric softener.

Over time, the excess build up of these materials will act as a bed for the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. This moist residue is especially prevalent in front-load washing machines that do not drain completely—making a perfect environment for the rapid growth of these unwanted visitors.

If your washing machine, and washables, smell like mold or mildew, there is a fix short of replacing the machine! For less than $20.00 USD, Odor Medic's proven smelly washer formula, Odor Medicine SWF, will eliminate the source of the odor. For fast and permanent results, simply run Odor Medicine SWF through a wash cycle per the instructions and it will destroy the offending odors.

Once the machine is odor free, the following tips should help keep it that way:

    • Depending on the size and how dirty the load, reduce the amount of detergent by at least half. If you have soft water, you might want to reduce the amount by one-third of the recommended amount. 
    • Use one-half to two-thirds less fabric softener 
    • Leave the door open between washes 
    • Use hotter water to help dissolve chemicals and residue 
    • Make sure the drain hose is clear 

These tips should help keep your washer and clothes smelling nice and fresh.

We guarantee permanent odor elimination or your money back!

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