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Received your product and I  am thrilled!
Please feel free to add me to your happy customer list.
And to post my review.

I found odor medic while trying desperately to find a way to remove cat pee and its odor...completely.
Not only were Dave and Lil extremely helpful, the product works as advertised.
I am very very happy with the entire odor medic experience!

Thanks guys:)


I have used this product for some time and I love it! I use it to mop the floors of the cat room and as a spray on the cat furniture. I clean litter boxes with it. I ordered the big size as a convenience more than anything. It is a wonderful product! Thank you.


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On Sep 16, 2016, at 9:14 AM, "Odor Medic" <> wrote:

Hi Nancy, 

Thank you very much for your order.  Whenever we receive an order for a gallon of Odor Medicine O.F. we assume that you have a severe odor problem, and if we have not communicated with you about the problem we always request that you either email or call us so we can review your specific problem and ensure that you use the best treatment process possible.  We want to make sure that you get the absolute maximum benefit out of your purchase by taking advantage of our 17 years of experience in the odor elimination business. 

I look forward to helping you permanently eliminate your odor problem. 


David Polley

Odor Medic




I just have to tell you my story with your product. last year I really did my research in regards to eliminating cat urine odor and feedback of people who have used many products. I ended up purchasing odor medic from your site due to it being organic and supposed great results. OK..... last year I purchased a house that went into tax forfeiture due to no one in their right mind would want to own this house because of its past. A woman owned this home as everyone called her the cat Lady. When the City was told how many cats she had at the residents (aprox 30 or so) The animal control was notified and sent to the home. to make a long story short....... The woman was removed from the residence and 63 alive cats and 16 dead cats were taken out of the house. The city hired Service Master to remove multiple inches of feces, carpet, cupboards, sheetrock 3 feet up from all floors due to cats spraying walls. I talked to an employee at Service Master who performed the removal at the property and she said they were fully suited and face masks. She said it was the worst removal she had ever seen. I purchased the house after sitting vacant for 6 years assuming I would have to tear house down and rebuild even though the structure was great due to it still had a strong cat urine smell . I removed all subfloor down to floor joists, all sheet rock to the ceilings and purchased ODOR MEDIC as a last chance to save the house. I mixed 1 cup per gallon of distilled water and used an electric stain sprayer to saturate all 2x4 studs, floor joists, wood stairways, all concrete throughout the full basement. I did wear a respirator due to the strong smell. I left the house sit to dry for 1 week and I was amazed the urine smell was so very faint unless you were smelling in certain corners from just inches away you could not smell it anymore. I thought WOW this stuff is amazing. I did saturate the house and flooring for a second time just to make sure It had soaked into all wood anywhere cat urine may have deeply penetrated from being soaked in urine year after year. I have now installed new subfloor and and starting on sheetrock. NO CAT SMELL ANYMORE..... The lady from Service Master came to the house because she did not believe any product could have gotten that smell totally out. She was totally amazed also Your product is so amazing I use a mixture in the garage for when I spill gas all over the concrete floor and I have also put teaspoon full in laundry when I rebuild motors. It gets any gas and oil smell out of the clothes. I also have use it on upholstery in vehicle due to I am a smoker and Poof the smell is gone. My son just purchased a house that has also been vacant for 4 yrs and it really has a musty smell which I would like to make a cleaning solution with the same product I purchased before.
Thank You so very much,


I just called you around 4pm-ish EST today to ask about how much to use in a 32oz spray bottle after I had just recieved the Odor Medicine O.F. in the mail. I have a 16yr old cat who isn't doing too well health-wise. She got ill the middle of last week out of the blue & has severely gone downhill since despite efforts of both me and her vet. She's on meds to treat her issues with bloody diarrhea and vomiting her food and water within an hour after eating or drinking. Between her loose stools & the meds her leavages are absolutely horrendous, enough to cross your eyes and stagger you backwards after she uses the litterbox (and the scent lingers even after immediate removal). I wanted to let you know my verdict after I treated the affected kitty litterbox areas we had discussed. I mixed up the solution exactly as you had suggested, using a 1.5oz shotglass of solution in my 32oz spray bottle, making sure to put the water in first before the solution. I liberally sprayed the areas making sure the solution got even under the plastic I have laid down under the litterboxes and made sure I liberally sprayed enough to saturate the area where the floor and wall meet under the plastic. I sprayed the top of the plastic, up the wall, doused the litterbox sides and sprayed enough overtop the litter to even damp it down a wee bit (its clumping litter so I couldn't spray it too liberally). I did this to all three of the litterbox areas and to our huge relief every stitch of the foulness has completely disappeared! I even sprayed the solution quite liberally inside my Litter Locker container, which to open that just to scoop the pans was just evil the stench was so bad! A skunk couldn't compete against the dreaded Litter Locker! All the foulness is completely gone! Disappeared like it never existed! I am amazed at how awesomly well the O.F. has worked! This stuff is amazing! I can say I am very impressed and am a very happy customer! 
Thank you so much!

Your product worked like a charm!  I can't say enough positive things about the product and support that you offered me.  I did a walk through with my realtor today and she was amazed as well.  Please let me know if you ever find yourself in Louisville, my wife and I would love to take you out for a dinner on us!  > On May 15,

2016, at 2:03 AM, Odor Medic <> wrote:


Good Luck!!! Remember the key to success is to get enough of the solution applied in the right places using the correct process, and paying attention to the details.  It isn't unusual to have to treat spots 2-3 times because it is tough to tell how much urine has been deposited.



David Polley

Odor Medic


From: Daniel

Sent: Saturday, May 14, 2016 6:30 PM


Subject: I did it!!!


I treated my floor this evening and will be waiting the 24 hours for the product to work.  Thanks for the two phone calls with advice and also for emailing the instructions!  Your service and support is top notch and well above industry standard.  I'll let you know how things turn out.  Have a great remainder of your weekend.

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"Dear David, As you know, based on our phone conversations, I had a renter for 5 years that had boarded several different cats at different times. When my wife and I got her out of the house and went in for inspection, we were horrified! The smell of cat urine and feces was unbearable. The entire home had been sprayed and urinated in for years. We were sick! We were told by several people that the home was unrepairable and that we would have to live with the smell.  That's when we found you and Odor Medic on line. After cleaning and treatments at your direction, we have an odor free home, and already have signed a new lease, (no cat's allowed).  We can't thank you enough. Drew and Elaine St. George Utah."

"Your product is amazing. It is the first time I have been able to enjoy my basement suite for 7 years.  I have used the product in my car and on bad dog stains on seat covers.  Also amazing results. Absolutely no odour left."

"We spoke last summer about my dog urine odor problem on my asphalt driveway.  I had purchased the product from you and was amazed at how well it eliminated the odor and by repeated usage throughout the summer we were not bothered by the odor anymore.  I purchased the larger size from you this year in order to provide my daughter and a co-worker with a sample. 
Whenever I hear of anyone having a similar problem I recommend your product to them.  I am to say the least a very satisfied customer." - Debbie

"Thank you for an incredible product.  I have happily passed on your information to everyone I know."     - Melanie, BC Canada

"I received the bottle of O.F.  and I can't believe how well it worked!  My cushions are still outside drying and the covers were washed in the machine along with the cup of  OF and they are great!  No more cat urine odor! I will be ordering more just to have on hand.  It really is amazing  stuff!  I will be passing on the word to my friends!
      Thanks so much!!!"     - Lori

"I just wanted to let you know that your product(s) got rid of the vomit smell in my new car. Yeah! I think it was the second product I bought from you that did the job. AND one of your products (can't remember which one) got rid of the cat urine smell on my hardwood floors!
      I am a happy customer!"     - Jan

"I am so pleased with the results of using the SFF formula.  The car was bought for my college-aged daughter.  I delegated the application of the SFF to her.  She followed the instructions you included and neither of us could detect any smoke smell.  The smell was so bad when I test drove the car that my eyes and noise were stinging, and my daughter had to roll the windows down the first time she drove it.
    This was a very satisfying experience.  Thanks for living up to your claims."

"My transaction with you folks has been a breath of fresh air (pun intended).  Thanks so much."     -Jeff J.

"I just wanted to thank you for your product, it removed the acetone smell from our washing machine and saved us ~$700 for a replacement. I will recommend your product to others."     -Steve

"I just wanted to e-mail you and let you know that this product is fabulous. We have used it on clothing, for the cars, and we have pets and it is just amazing. I have just ordered our 2nd bottle, and will definitely be a repeat customer.
      I have not found any other product that works as well as this."     -Teresa

"Well, you were absolutely right. I can't get over how well Odor Medic!       With three huge dogs of my own, and a number of other boarding dogs coming and       going, I thought I was never going to get my home to smell "normal" again. Thank you!"

"We enjoy working with you and are very pleased with what all you are able to do!"     -Neil T.

"You have a new Canadian convert! Before my purchase, I had spoken with one of your gentleman representatives who was very helpful. I finally decided on the product for organic odours O.F., anything that can guarantee the removal of cat urine odour is my kind of product.       I want you to know that your product is awesome and that I will be recommending it to all I come in contact with seeking a solution to residential odour problems.
      Thanks Again."     -Yannick

"Thank you so much...your product has been just great!"      -Margaret

"I appreciated your response recommending that I saturate the HVAC filter in my car to purge it of the foul rodent odor. I heeded your advice and because my car does not have a filter I flooded the evaporator with your product and after two or three applications was successful....odor eliminated. Of course I fished out the rodent nest as best I could before spraying (with a garden sprayer having a long wand) your solution.
    Thanks for your personal email suggestion and for your product."

"I wanted to let you know that I deodorized our '96 Subaru Legacy with only 5 qts. in about 1 1/2 hrs. I am SO PLEASED!!! I have had 3 other 'super noses' smell the results and none of them could detect any smoke odor at all.
Please feel free to use me as a reference any time!"  -Stephanie M.

"Your Odor Medic solution is simply incredible. You were one of the first links I happened to click on. I spent no more than 5 minutes on Google that day when I bought it from you.       My wife laughed at me for buying a one gallon solution with just 5 minutes research on Google. She said I probably got ripped off.
    I think I simply got lucky.
    A few days later I spent some more time on Google and realized there were perhaps hundreds of these web sites selling all kinds of re-packaged junk for odor problems.       Anyways, after asking you all kinds of questions on the phone, I sprayed your OF one time so far (I did pretty much soak the 2 by 4 wood members in my garage), it's now dry, and much of the odor is gone.
       Like you suggested, I may clean it up some more and I will spray it one more time.  I now have confidence I will be able to eliminate 100% of the odor. The problem I had in this garage was amazing (it's a 2 car detached garage, I bought the house 2 months ago).
      Rats have been poo poo ing and pee pee ing in the garage for the past 20+ years.  But for some strange reason, the wood did not have much termite damage.      The amount of poo and pee was amazing. Just imagine ... 20+ years of poo and pee buy hundreds/thousands of rats.
     So, a big Thank You David!"       -BF

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