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The Odor Medic Guarantee

Permanent Odor Elimination:
No Cover-Ups—Guaranteed!

Because we have been in the business of actually fixing thousands of odor problems in homes, businesses and vehicles for over 15 years, we can confidently offer a money back guarantee if we do not meet your expectations. We will send you a check or credit your funding source, for the full amount you paid for our products, not including shipping cost within 3 days of agreeing to. All we ask of you is the following:

1. Follow our step by step instructions very carefully
2. If you are not getting satisfactory results call us ASAP so we can give you the benefit of our extensive experience. We will consult with you at no additional charge.
3. If you know that your problem is severe when placing your order, please call us to discuss crafting a plan to eliminate the odor. Our plans require frequent communication on how it is going and often we request pictures of the contaminated areas. Our plans may also include replacing some material such as subfloor that cannot be saved.
4. The key to success is applying enough of the product in the right places, so it is very important to apply enough of the product to eliminate the accumulated source of the odor.

The bottom line is that if you consult with us and follow our instructions and are not satisfied with the results we will issue a refund as stated above.

Five Reasons to Try Odor Medic

Money-back Guarantee
Your 100% satisfaction is our highest priority--we would rather refund your money than have an unhappy customer.

Over a Decade of Experience
We are a professional odor elimination service company that has been providing on-site commercial and residential services for over a decade--making us significantly different from the other odor solutions out there. We use these products and processes everyday to solve problems like yours in homes, businesses and vehicles.

Free Consultation
The process is just as important as the product--we provide free consultation with each purchase to ensure success. Don't hesitate to call us at +1 612-270-2953 to discuss your specific problem, or by email at

Safe, Non-toxic Solutions
Our products permanently eliminate odors and are 100% safe. They are non-toxic, biodegradable, non-staining and work on all surfaces including carpet, cloth, leather, hardwood, concrete and cement.

Permanent Odor Elimination--No Cover-ups
We tell you the truth about treating
pet urine, the most common problem we treat, and back it up with the facts. Don't waste your time and money on carpet cleaning or "miracle" pet store cover-up products.