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"I decided on the product for organic odours O.F.-- anything that can guarantee the removal of cat urine odour is my kind of product. I want you to know that your product is awesome and that I will be recommending it to all I come in contact with...

Thanks Again."

Permanently eliminate pet urine and other organic odors

Odor Medicine OF: Permanent Odor Eliminator; No Cover Ups!

Odor Medicine OF is a fast-acting industrial organic compound that is enzyme free. Besides cat urine and dog urine odors, it permanently eliminates other organic odors such as mold, mildew, sweat and sewage!

It is the same formula we use in our odor elimination service company.
We guarantee permanent odor elimination or your money back!*

Odor Medicine OF successfully destroys organic odors because it breaks down the molecular structure of the contaminant. Safe to use around humans, animals and plants, it is non-toxic, biodegradable, non-staining and non-corrosive. There are no cover-up scents added and the pleasant scent due to the natural ingredients fades away leaving an odor-free environment.

Buy Odor Medicine OF Concentrate

Odor Medicine OF is sold in powerful concentrate form for maximum effectiveness and value. We include scalable mixing instructions to accommodate for differences in severity and are available for consultation to ensure permanent odor elimination the first time! How much Odor Medicine OF will you need? 

Odor Medicine OF Odor Eliminator-Pint Pint Concentrate $38.95
Makes up to 4 mixed gallons.
Odor Medicine OF Odor Eliminator-Quart Quart Concentrate $69.95
Makes up to 8 mixed gallons.
Odor Medicine OF Odor Eliminator-Gallon Gallon Concentrate $249.95
Makes up to 32 mixed gallons.