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"I appreciated your response recommending that I saturate the HVAC filter in my car to purge it of the foul rodent odor... and after two or three applications was successful....odor eliminated.

Thanks for your personal email suggestion and for your product."

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Eliminate odor from dead animals permanently—Guaranteed


Please let me briefly tell you why we are different than all the other odor elimination sites you have seen.

Over 10 years ago we were doing the same thing you are right now... searching for a solution to an odor problem. We did extensive research and found the best industrial strength odor elimination products on the planet and have developed treatment processes that we have used to fix a few thousand odor problems of all kinds including: cat urine, dog urine, cigarette smoke, smoke from fire, chemicals, insecticides, gasoline, and mothballs. Our competitors don’t tell you this important point… THE PROCESS is just as important as the PRODUCT. We take great pride in our proprietary treatment processes because they have been refined through the years to save time and money in the permanent elimination of odors.

Please consider the following points:

  • Our odor elimination products are NOT based on fragile enzymes and are economical to use because they are highly concentrated

  • Our products are 100% non-toxic, totally biodegradable, and absolutely safe to use

  • We consult with our customers to ensure that they get the best possible results based on our 10+ years of experience fixing thousands of odor problems. We create custom treatment plans as part of our value added for your investment in us and participate in the process of fixing your odor problem.

  • Our #1 priority is 100% customer satisfaction and we guarantee you will be satisfied with the results, or we will refund your money. Please read about the Odor Medic guarantee


The Problem: Removing Dead Animal Odor

A critter of some kind has invaded your home, vehicle, business, etc. and died. This problem is most often caused by them falling into the walls and between the studs. The odor can be caused by just the nests in the walls of a building or various places in a vehicle, HVAC duct or seats.

The odor from even one small mouse can be terrible and last for months. (Chipmunks, moles, rabbits, squirrels, etc., as you can imagine, are much worse.) We have also seen animals get trapped under low decks in the winter and freeze--only to have the odor hit with a vengeance with the Spring thaw.

The Solution:
Odor Medicine O.F. Concentrate is Guaranteed to Eliminate Odors from Dead Animals

The key to permanently eliminating these odors is to find the source, clean out as much as possible and then treat the area with Odor Medicine OF. The process for doing this is described in detail in the O.F. instruction booklet.

Remember, that the process is just as important as the product and our processes have been perfected over a decade of providing on-site commercial and residential odor elimination services. We offer free personal consulting to ensure that your problem is resolved.

We don’t cover up odors, we permanently eliminate them.

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